Never Give Up
It' time to go back to the Music !
This is my new Album , recorded with Randy Brecker, Alain Caron, George Whitty, Rodney Holmes, Manuel trabucco and Steve Tornthon
9 original songs played by a soulful International Band
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Writing music is, for me, telling stories that I have lived, leaving traces of events that have moved me.

Each song has a reason, each journey tells a story. Sometimes it takes two minutes to write a new piece, other times two years.

This album is the story of the last 3 years. Difficult moments, moments of change but also moments of great emotions.

The musicians who played on this record made my music more beautiful, I thank them all.

This disc is dedicated to those who never give up, to those who pursue their dreams and write their destiny every day. To those who do not give up in the face of obstacles and continue to smile trying to make the world more beautiful.

Luca di Luzio

1) Second Life
Starting a new life from scratch is a great challenge. I did it at 40 when I decided to change jobs, change city. Living a second life can be an incredible experience. How to become a child again as you get older. Get your hands dirty again, eliminating all prejudices
2) Fishing in Paradise
It is the story of Gianni, a traffic policeman from a south town. He worked for many years in Tremiti Island, a small Mediterranean island where he become a . Fisherman by vocation. Gianni was a giant of humanity. I learned many things from him. Now that he is gone, I want to thank him by dedicating this passage to him.
3) Never Give Up
It is the driving force of my life. Never give up, persevere, work with passion, always continue, step by step, the road to your dreams.
After 2 years of Pandemia, this could be a mantra for most of Us..

4) Verso Sera
Towards s era, when the shadows become the mirror of one's soul, when memories become ghosts with which to talk about the present. It is towards evening that I think of the special people I have met, of those who are no longer there, of those who will be there forever.

Towards evening when the second part of my day is about to begin, I love the light and the colors of that moment.

5) The Genius
A song inspired by a friend who no longer exists. A true genius of technology. He was capable of repairing everything: from a refrigerator to a spaceship. A genius of mechanics, electronics and information technology. He still remains a truly inspiration every time I have to solve a tech problem.

6) Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale is my place in the world. A small town north of Miami in Florida where every year I go to immerse myself in multiethnic music full of contamination.

That's where my friend Randy lives, brother of music and lots of laughs.
7) Shortcut
There are no shortcuts in music. Unfortunately not. The path is slow, tiring, impervious.
Just like in life ..
8) Jimmy V
The story of Jim Valvano changed my life.

Jimmy V taught me a lot. A basketball coach who wins the university championship with a team of normal players, no stars, no champions. Ordinary people who can make extraordinary feats.

If this happens to you, check out his 1993 ESPY speech on Youtube, I'm sure his words will get into it..
9) A14
The A14 is the road that connects the place where I was born to the place where I live today. Halfway between these two points is the place where I spent all the summers of my childhood. The 3 cardinal points of my life are connected .
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Get your copy of the CD - Never Give up