I answered the most popular questions about my music, my study program, my guitars and my gear in general. If you didn't find the answer here, I'll be glad to help you by e-mail. Write me to info@lucadiluzio.it
When and Why did You decided to start playing the 7 Strings Guitar ?
My friend Howard Paul suggested it four years ago. I used to play many gigs every year, comping by singers and horns, So he let me try his 7 strings guitar and he explained clearly how to use it. After I got my 7 strings guitar . I spent nearly 4 months only to start to be fluent in comping.
Can You describe your Gear for Live Gigs?
My equipement is really simple !
Guitars: Benedetto Ben-bino custom model with D'Orazio LdL strings
Amp: DV Mark SilverGen or DV Mark micro 50 Head + 1 DV MArk Cabinet 2x12
Pedalboard : Wah pedal ( G Lab Warren Haines or Custom Audio ) EP Booster., Eventide H9, Triple Delay ( TC electronic), Neunaber Reverb,
What should I study for become a professional musician ?
Practice, practice, practice! Listen music, Listen live gigs, be curious about all kind of music, study not only your instrument, ear training, harmony, orchestration, sight reading: I learned a lot from trascribing from other instruments. My main advice is to enjoy with music and try every day to add more fun and more knoledge to your background.
What is Your approach to composition ?
I use to take some vocal notes about melodies or just phrases, expecially when I travel alone in my car. Then I try to expand those melodies and sometimes that's the beginning of a new tune.
Sometimes I use the piano to compose, I'm not very good as pianist but I need to be far from my "comfort zone" to be creative and... it's usefull use the piano for create new melodies without be slave of scales and chord porgressions that I already know.
Who are the musicians that ispired your style ?
They're so many... I play different styles and kind of music so I learned a lot from Path Metheny and Mike Stern but also from Tuck Andress and Joe Pass.
I trascribed many solos of Grant Green, Jim Hall, Chuck Loebe, Chet Baker, John Coltrane.