Recording Studio

This is the studio where I produce daily, working on music of all genres and on my jazz guitar lessons.

The studio has an audio / video recording room set up with all the latest equipment necessary to carry out professional recordings of any musical instrument.

There is a control room for everything from editing and mastering to CD Printing

Recording Room equipment:


 1 Vocal booth



Drums :  Gretch Catalina  
1 Audix DP7  (drum kit)
4 audix i5
2 Shure SM57
2 Shure SM 58
1 Audix 212 CX
1 Audix VX5
4 Audix OM2
1 Audix OM6
1 Audix ADX20ip
2 Apex TUBE mic 460
Guitar Amplifiers:
DV Mark Little 30 6L6
DV Mark Little Jazz 12
DV Mark Little Jazz
DV Mark Multiamp
DV Mark Galileo combo
DV Mark – Markacoustic 601
DV Mark Acoustic 250
Acoustic Image Clarus +
1 DV Mark 4 x 12
1 DV Mark 2x 12
2 DV Mark 1 x 12
2 Markacoustic 101
1 Raezer’s edge twin 8
1 Raezer’s edge NY
1 Laney 4x 12
Cables: Reference Laboratory
Mixer; Presonus Studiolive 24 ai
Headphne amp: Alesis
Pro Tools 11
Ez Drummer
Presonus Studio One
Presonus Capture
Sibelius 8
Final Cut Pro