Larrivée OMV09

Used mostly for studying and never for live playing.  It has been fitted with a  Schetler onboard pre amp and a Bluestick undersaddle by Giovanni Intelisano

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Godin Multiac Nylon

Perfect for Bossa Nova and Latin tunes. It also has a midi pick-up and is perfect for playing live thanks to its onboard equalizer  that instantly creates a good sound.Read More

Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop

Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop top Quilted Maple, ebony keyboard, fender mechanics, Warmoth body, Lace Sensor pick-ups. The guitar also has a Roland Gk2A pickup. This instrument is used to play fusion-blues and to add “colour” to projects that require sinth sampled, string and wind sections.( ex. Concert for I-Phone)Read More


This Thinline was made by the guitar maker Giovanni Intelisano in 2003. The keyboard is in ebony and the body is Strato type. It has a set of I-SPIRA pick-ups combined with a Fishman powerbridge bridge. An L.R Baggs Ctrl-X  pre-amp and blender  deals with the mixing of the pick-ups. The guitar is versatile and is used in lots of different music projects.Read More

Altamira N300 Classical Guitar

Altamira N 300 CE, classic cut away guitar with nylon strings, top in solid cedar wood, bottom and sides in mahogany, keyboard in rosewood. It is amplified with a Fishman CL3 with an inbuilt tuner. Luca uses it to play bossa nova tunes as part of a quartet and as “ solo guitar”.Read More

1979 Gibson es 347

This is the guitar Luca has used for most of his playing in the last few years before becoming Benedetto Endorser. It has two split pick ups and a Tune O’matic bridge with L.R. Baggs sellette piezo. The sounds are mixed using a Fishman Power Blender Peda.Read More

1969 Fender Stratocaster

This guitar comes from the “golden era “ of Fender production. I got it from my friend and collector Stefano “Ciccio” Sammartani; I did play strat for many years before I switched to Archtop and semi hollows guitars so I feel really comfortable to use this axe for my funk an blues recordings and gigs.Read More

Benedetto Bambino deluxe

This is a Bambino with a Jazz Attitude. This deluxe version maintains the dimensional specifications of the Bambino model but adds modern sound holes, a flamed maple veneer top, gold hardware, and a deluxe binding package (w/b/w/b/w) to the body, neck and headstock. The sound holes enhance the acoustic volume to the unplugged instrument and give the guitar a more traditional archtop look with only a single pickup placed in the rhythm position.Read More

Benedetto Benny One Off

Benedetto Custom Violinburst Benny with Pat Martino specs. It has a piezo bridge with stereo outputs ... Separate Mag /Piezo and Piezo. Master Mag Volume, Master Piezo Volume and tone for the Mag. The Master Mag Volume will bring down the volume of the Piezo as a Master Blend so to speak.
This is a such versatile guitar !! I use it mainly with my brasilian music 4ett “Barioca”, I love the acoustic sound from the piezo mixed with magnetic tone of the neck pickup. Also a great guitar for strumming and rhythm parts when I record pop//rock songs in my studio.Read More

Benedetto GA 35

This is prototype of the 335 style Benedetto Ga 35. I love this guitar and I use it  for my bluesy gigs in a Hammond trio or 4et and when I record in studio guitars on POP / Rock Tunes.
The solid core, chambered mahogany body makes for a feedback resistant, long sustaining and lightweight slim-contoured body. The highly flamed maple carved top provides defined and responsive tone. Read More