Globetrotter Summer Tour 2019

Globetrotter is the new recording project by Luca di Luzio as a guitarist and composer, produced and played by Jimmy Haslip.

Globetrotter is a journey in contemporary jazz where funk, blues, jazz and latin music come together on a musical common path. All the tracks are original and written by Luca di Luzio, a guitar player who studied different music styles to generate his personal music vision, based on two main characteristics: melody and groove. This is why he decided to have such a rythm section like Jimmy Haslip on bass for this recording project.

7 original tunes by Luca di Luzio and 2 jazz standards for a travel through jazz, funk and latin music together.

Luca di Luzio will be on tour from July 13th to 22nd in Italy and Europe with the following line up:

Luca di Luzio – guitar

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An old picture traces the timeline of my music life

The realization of a dream is a process that can take time, years, even 25 years.
The other night I woke up with a start, a memory of a photo had awakened me  during the night. In 1993, after a Yellowjackets concert, I took a picture with Jimmy Haslip, one of my favorite bass players who, 25 years later, is the producer and bassist of my first CD as bandleader .  I run to the attic and I found this photo in a box and mentally retraced these 25 years of music, study, frustrations, joys and small successes. Maybe I should have spent less time, maybe I’m late … but what really matters is that I kept the same enthusiasm, love of music, 25 years’ passion. Perhaps this is the true goal.

1993 Jimmy Haslip and Luca di Luzio

2017 Jimmy Haslip and Luca di Luzio

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2018 Projects: it seems it’ll be a very busy year! recording and gigging….


It seems that 2018 will be a busy year … 🙂

I’ll be focused on 3 main projects :

  1. A record with my own compositions
  2. launching my online guitar course.
  3. a duo record playing my 7 strings guitar

I wanna share with You some informations about my first record with incredible musicans like Dave Weckl on Drums and Jimmy Haslip on electric Bass

Luca di Luzio and Jimmy Haslip

( that will also producing the record).  all original compositions from myself!

The main question I made to myself many times was : why???

Finally I have an answer : I need a portrait of a long journey in music, I wanna tell to everybody my story and the best way to do it is through my music...

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Improve Your Tecnique

I’ve struggled with Tecnique all my life , perhaps because I’ve never been a technical and fast guitarist, I’ve always preferred to concentrate on comping, expressiveness and dynamics. In recent years I have had to fill in the technical gaps with targeted studies that I want to share with you. Here are some suggestions:


  • Play every excercise very slowly
  • Accuracy is your main goal
  • Stay in time , don’t speed up or slow down
  • The metronome is your best friend
  • Stop playing if you feel pain in your hands / arms
  • Repetition makes perfection
  • Increase the speed a little more every week
  • Be patience



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Playing in Loreto Aprutino

Just back from a nice gig in Abruzzo. Loreto Aprutino is a small town near Pescara where we performed an afternoon concert organized by Archivi Sonori and great Bass Player Maurizio Rolli.

Gianni Ferreri, a talented trumpet player form that area joined us for a couple of tunes.

This was our first Journey on the new Van we got for gigging. It’s great when you can bring everything You need without negotiate with space in the car. Also this van is really confortable so we enjoied the trip , not only the gig.

We enjoied a lot playing in Loreto, the venue was a small Auditorium with enthusiastic audience. I also met someone with my same second name di Luzio , maybe we’re related from the past… who knows.

We’re now planning a new record,  with all original tunes ...

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Organ Trio plus Max Ionata

Time to get ready for a new gig !  Tomorrow night  great saxophone player Max Ionata will join my Organ Trio for a gig in Ravenna. Max Ionata is an amazing musician and a special person.We wil play some blues and standards tunes and I’m sure we’ll have good time.   Jazz Guitar, Hammond Organ, Tenor Saxophone and Drums is for my personal taste the “essence” of Jazz Music.

The venue of this gig is Osteria dei Passatelli , in Ravenna. It’s one of my favourite place. Great food , friendly people and a nice stage with everything you need for a Show. Here the link

So, I hope to see All of You tomorrow !

This is a picture from last summer gig

Check Max Ionata website:


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