Globetrotter reviewed by Audiophile Review

Globetrotter has been reviewed by Paul Wilson in Audiophile Review in April 2019

Luca Di Luzio – “Globetrotter” – Self Released

In the jazz genre, there is no classification or sub-genre I enjoy more than smooth jazz. Originating in Southern California, smooth, or contemporary jazz has more of a funky, R&B type of feel as opposed to the free form, improvisational style so widely recognized as jazz. It should therefore come as no surprise I absolutely loved the new release by Luca Di Luzio. Given where he was born, studied and the artists with whom he has performed, I would expect a more Latin Jazz type of work. However, I didn’t really find that to a great degree. One or two tracks had a Latin feel but then again, I have heard a lot of Southern California based smooth jazz with a Latin flavor. My preference must be a desire for a funkier type of beat, something characteristic of both music styles. I also was impressed at Di Luzio’s ability to make a guitar fit so nicely into a smooth jazz framework, something typically reserved for the saxophone. My favorite track was number 3, “Jazz Life,” which found me playing three times before moving on to the next song. Skilled guitarist. Skilled musicians. Great music. Need I say more? 

Overall – 9.5; Sonics – 8


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