Globetrotter reviewed by Grady Harp Top 50 Writers on

“Luca has made a mighty impact on the music world as is very obvious in this superb collection. Of the song S.I.S Luca remarks that ‘The only solo guitar tune in the album: it is dedicated to my father. I played it for him a few months before he passed away in 2014. He was laying on the couch and I was playing some standard song for him. Then he asked me to play an “Italian song” and I improvised this melody that I named “Simple Italian Song”. My dad loved music and he always encouraged me to do my best in everything.’”

“The moods and sensitivity of the works presented here reflect the life of an exemplary musician – a man whose passion for music embraces all manner of arenas played with virtuosity. “

Grady Harp, March 19

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