Globetrotter Project

Globetrotter is the new recording project by Luca di Luzio as a guitarist and composer, produced and played by Jimmy Haslip.

7 original tunes by Luca di Luzio and 2 jazz standards for a travel through jazz, funk and latin music together with the following great musicians:

Luca di Luzio – guitar
Max Ionata – tenor saxophone
Jimmy Haslip – bass
George Whitty – keyboard
Dave Weckl – drums


This is what Luca tells about his recording project, that is going to be pre-released at NAMM Show 2019 in Los Angeles in January and on all digital stores.

“This is I have been playing music for 30 years and after so much time I have decided to tell you my music history through 7 original tunes and two traditional standards.

They are seven stories, talking about different moments in my life, about people who have been close to me, and about people who unfortunately passed away.

It is not easy to talk about myself and to look in my deep feelings, but sometimes a musician needs to stop, to look back and leave a sign of the route so far.

The easiest way to do that for me is through melody, harmony and rhythm.

My travel mates in this project are Jimmy Haslip, as producer and bass player, Dave Weck on drums, George Whitty on keyboards and Max Ionata on Tenor saxophone.

The tracks:

1. Jazzlife: it is a tune that reflects a change in my life, the great choice of leaving my previous job and plunge into music world because just dunking your feet is not enough. After nearly 20 years spent working as consultant and businessman I decided to leave my job and dedicate myself only to music. I had to run very fast to make up for lost time, I had to concentrate myself avoiding any distractions that would have taken me away from my goals.
On this tune, my friend and buddy in many bands , Alessandro Fariselli, blows a great solo on his tenor Saxophone

2. Mr Brown: It’s dedicated to the guitarist Dean Brown, a musician who has given me a lot both musically and humanely. He guided me facing music challenges and he has always encouraged me to “raise up” the goals to reach.

3. POP FLA: my passion for latin music and tradition, and swing together in a tune where George Whitty and Dave Weckl built an incredible harmonic and rhythm scenario. I wrote this tune in Florida a couple of years ago.

4. Buena Suerte: It’s a ballad I wrote on a plane some years ago, flying to Boston to see my close friend Garrison Fewell. Buena Suerte is the hope for better future, for good luck , for people that, like me, never give up!

5. Sunshower: a Kenny Barron’s tune I used to play with Marco Tamburini.

I like remembering Marco playing this song and I can always feel his tone in my heart when I play it

6. Elisir: two melodies chasing on a 6/8 feel. Two melodies that become a single melody in the bridge. I wrote this tune recently starting from a phrase taken from a Emily Remler’s solo. Transcribing influences constantly my way of writing music.

7. S.I.S: the only solo guitar tune in the album: it is dedicated to my father. I played it for him a few months before he passed away in 2014. He was laying on the couch and I was playing some standard song for him. Then he asked me to play an “Italian song” and I improvised this melody that I named “Simple Italian Song”. My dad loved music and he always encouraged me to do my best in everything.

8. Smile!: One of the first tunes I wrote, here is presented in a new contemporary arrangement. Smile! Is the synthesis of my music language made mostly by simple melodies and groove . Max Ionata plays a wonderful solo on this tune.

9. Naima: it is one of my favourite standards, I have been playing this for about 20 years. I have reharmonized the theme in chords and changed the original tone in order to use guitar open strings.

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