An old picture traces the timeline of my music life

The realization of a dream is a process that can take time, years, even 25 years.
The other night I woke up with a start, a memory of a photo had awakened me  during the night. In 1993, after a Yellowjackets concert, I took a picture with Jimmy Haslip, one of my favorite bass players who, 25 years later, is the producer and bassist of my first CD as bandleader .  I run to the attic and I found this photo in a box and mentally retraced these 25 years of music, study, frustrations, joys and small successes. Maybe I should have spent less time, maybe I’m late … but what really matters is that I kept the same enthusiasm, love of music, 25 years’ passion. Perhaps this is the true goal.

1993 Jimmy Haslip and Luca di Luzio

2017 Jimmy Haslip and Luca di Luzio

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