2018 Projects: it seems it’ll be a very busy year! recording and gigging….


It seems that 2018 will be a busy year … 🙂

I’ll be focused on 3 main projects :

  1. A record with my own compositions
  2. launching my online guitar course.
  3. a duo record playing my 7 strings guitar

I wanna share with You some informations about my first record with incredible musicans like Dave Weckl on Drums and Jimmy Haslip on electric Bass

Luca di Luzio and Jimmy Haslip

( that will also producing the record).  all original compositions from myself!

The main question I made to myself many times was : why???

Finally I have an answer : I need a portrait of a long journey in music, I wanna tell to everybody my story and the best way to do it is through my music. In last 10 years I  radically changed my life: I moved from a city to another after 24 years , I left my previous job to become a full time musician, I got my Music Degree, played hundreds of gigs, I started to play 7 strings guitar, started to work with many great musical Brands, built my recording studio.

But  I’ve also lost my dad and two great friends and mentors ( Garrison Fewell and Marco Tamburini) . I’ve written 8 original tunes that tell you this story without a single word: only music. It’s time for me to share this story with all people I know.

Dave Weckl and Luca di Luzio

I’m thinking to let all of You joining me for this record and help me to find the right title for each composition, choosing the graphic design , maybe also the arrangements. What do You think? Write me your coments to info@lucadiluzio.it or to my fb page https://www.facebook.com/LucadiLuzioGuitar/

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