Benedetto Bambino deluxe

This is a Bambino with a Jazz Attitude.

This deluxe version maintains the dimensional specifications of the Bambino model but adds modern sound holes, a flamed maple veneer top, gold hardware, and a deluxe binding package (w/b/w/b/w) to the body, neck and headstock.
The sound holes enhance the acoustic volume to the unplugged instrument and give the guitar a more traditional archtop look with only a single pickup placed in the rhythm position.
My Bambino Deluxe is a jewel, the precious result of Bob Benedetto and his team. The instrument reflects the enthusiasm and passion that all the staff at Benedetto Guitars dedicate to their work.
The bambino Deluxe adapts itself completely  to my style and to the “ Voice” in my playing. It has an acoustic heart and an electric soul and it adapts itself perfectly to all types of music. Bob himself engraved my initials onto the tailpiece  and the design faultlessly interprets the essence of this guitar: simple, elegant, balanced.
I feel honored to be part of the family of Benedetto Artists.”
  Luca di Luzio

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