D’Orazio Strings

Jazz guitar strings: Luca is endorser for D’Orazio Strings Italian leading company in strings production since 1859.
Luca chooses D’Orazio strings because they provide the natural voice for his guitars.




“Strings are very important, they’re not just an accessory but an integral part of an instrument. I often change strings, before every concert and  every studio recording. I don’t like the dull sound ofused strings.
I use flat chords for concerts in a duo or trio when accompanying a singer or  wind instrument because I like to hear the round, velvety sound of the bass when playing fingerstyle, whereas I use round or half round strings in more electric formations when using a pick to accompany or to play melodic lines and solos. D’Orazio is the ideal partner, a company that translates the needs of the musician, prepared to find innovative solutions whilst respecting century old traditions, thus guaranteeing the highest standards. The D’Orazio strings provide the natural voice for my guitars. They are balanced, soft, perfectly in tune, worked with care and their feel under the fingertips is second to none.

Luca di Luzio about D’Orazio Strings



luca di luzio signature string set

Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015 – HALL 4.0 Booth D72: April 15th: DEBUT of Luca di Luzio signature – JAZZ GUITAR STRINGS


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