JazzLife Duo @Bussi sul Tirino

On March 10th 2014 Jazzlife Duo will perform at a private party in Bussi sul Tirino (PE) with the trumpeter Gianni Ferreri. 

Gianni Ferreri has been on the jazz music scenes as a trumpeter and orchestra director for  30 years. He ha sperformed with many Italian musicians like Di Battista, Giuliani, Savelli, Ascolese, Eddy Palermo, Puglisi, Bosso, Boltro, Manou Roche

Ferreri directs his own orchestra made by 15 elements and plays with the  Rolli’s big band, with the Campobasso Orchestra, with the Sidma jazz orchestra. He has been invited to many Jazz Festivals in Italy and abroad (Pescara, Atessa, Bergamo, Piacenza, Bussi, S.Anna, Arresi, Bruxelles, Budapest, Sofia). He’s also performed  together with light music singers like Sergio Caputo and Antonella Ruggero.

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