Staszkòw and di Luzio at the biggest Italian Jazz festival: Jazzit Fest

The Jazzlife Duo, featuring the singer Kamila Staszkòw and guitarist Luca di Luzio, will be performing at the very first edition of  JAZZIT FEST, the biggest Italian Jazz Festival taking place from the 5th to the 8th September 2013, in the medieval town of Collescipoli situated in the Italian province of Terni. The festival covers four days involving 450 musicians playing in over 104 concerts: the first edition of this prestigious event is promoted and organised by the specialist magazine JAZZIT.

The  Jazzlife Duo will be performing on Friday 6th September at 6.30pm in the Piazzetta di Porta Ternana.
The Jazzlife Duo’s repertoire includes classics from the 1900’s such as Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, performed with a modern twist, where virtuosity gives way to music, rhythm and interpretation.
The Jazzlife Duo combines tradition and innovation thanks to the use of effects, a loop station and vocal percussion.

Kamila’s vocality includes blues and soul from Ella Fitzgerald to Billie Holiday. Her interpretation of the great classics is simple, original and refined.
Kamila’s vocals dialogue constantly with Luca di Luzio’s guitar, a musician that has made comping his trademark. Kamila’s voice is supported by a solid structure made up of a precise walking base,  clipped rythms and carefully studied harmonies that are never banal or ordinary.  Luca regards his guitar as an orchestra intertwining bass lines, rythm, piano voicings and wind sections.

The organiser of this unique event is La Vanni Editore srl,  publisher of the specialist magazines JAZZIT and IL TURISMO CULTURALE: The headquarters of the Jazzit newsrooms are located in  Collescipoli in the province of Terni and for the four days of the festival the streets and squares of this medieval town will host concerts, art and photographic exhibitions stalls, workshops, conferences, seminars and film showings creating a veritable “JAZZ TOWN”. Entry is free.

The Festival will also host the Italian Jazz meeting: an opportunity for members of the jazz music trade (record labels, festivals, jazz clubs, music schools, associations, promoters, booking and management agencies) to meet and exhibit. It will also include open conferences and meetings held by the publishers of JAZZIT.

The very first edition of the  JAZZIT FEST promises to be one of the most important and revolutionary events of the Italian summer.

So the place to be is Collescipoli, from the 5th to the 8th of September and the event not to be missed is the Jazzlife Duo concert on Friday 6th September with Kamila Staszkòw and Luca di Luzio for some original, innovative and captivating Jazz music.

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