Stefy Line: guitars bags and straps

Luca di Luzio is endorser for Stefyine guitar bags and straps.
Stefyline has over 20 years experience of service to music.
Functionality and innovative design are the main features of this Italian company.
Stefy Line specializes in the creation and production of bags and cases for musical instruments.

“ To discover that there is a company situated in Italy , where innovation and attention to detail blend perfectly with expert workmanship, was a pleasant surprise.

I use Stefy line leather guitar bags and straps daily, not only as accessories but as an integral part of my set up.

The straps, for example, are made of soft leather on the outside and velvet on the inside section that leans on the shoulder; I spend lots of hours playing my guitar using a strap and these straps are really comfortable.

The leather case is perfect in its detail, nothing is left to chance from the pockets to the safe but light weight  lining.

The Stefy Line leather case is the best place for my Benedetto Bravo Deluxe. I recommend it highly to all professional musicians using  important, prestigious instruments.”

Luca di Luzio


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