Altamira Guitars

Jazz guitar player Luca di Luzio talks about Altamira Guitars. He finds them a great musical instrument to use in bossa nova and latin jazz perfomances. A great guitar at an affordable price.

This guitar has a deep, warm sound with excellent acoustic volume and is built with an attention to detail that is normally only found in high bracket guitars.

“I was immensely surprised when Stefano Pizzichini of  Stefyline, the Italian distributor for Altamira, asked me to try out the  instrument. I had been looking for a guitar with nylon strings to use in concerts with the Barioca 4et, to alternate with the semi-acoustic Benedetto, so as to achieve a wider range of sounds. The Altamira N300CE perfectly satisfies a guitarist’s needs: a balanced, strong acoustic sound coupled with excellent usability, thanks to the Fishman pre-amp, including  a very  convenient tuner. I
always have this guitar to hand at home to just “strum” on the sofa or if I fancy a couple of hours of study. A five star instrument at a ridiculously low price.
Luca di Luzio

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