DV Mark Amplifiers

Guitar Amplifiers: Luca di Luzio is endorser for DV MARK guitar amplifiers. Find out his best choice among all DV MARK guitar amplifiers

The dream of every jazz guitar player is to be able to use a tube amp “coupled” with his own archtop.

Unfortunately tube amps have two big disadvantages: They are heavy to transport and they only work at their best at high volumes.

 This fortunately does not apply to the DVmark amplifiers.

The DV Mark Galileo is a perfect amplifier both for live and studio playing. It is light and has a warm sound that is well projected and never invasive. With the Galileo I hear the sound of my guitar as it is. I can also use the Watts I need without compromising on the sound. After years of looking for the “right amplifier” I have finally found the best! Thanks to DV Mark!

Luca di Luzio


DVMARK: Little 40 L34 


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