Timber Tones endorsment: wooden picks


Timber Tones picks enhance the jazz sound, giving it an acoustic sound that is rich and harmonious. The volume and precision of these picks is incredible.

I have chosen the model with the ebony rim and zebrawood centre, this wood provides  a good grip. The sound is excellent both on my archtop and on my acoustic.

I have been using Timber Tones picks for two years now and I think that the sound they produce is great.

The grip is excellent and they wear well. I love the feel of the wood in my hand instead of the plastic used in normal picks and the acoustic features of the wood also influences my playing.

Many thanks go to Rob Wooler and to Frenexport, the Italian distributor for Timber Tones, for their great work.”


Luca di Luzio


Luca di Luzio with Robert Wooller at NAMM SHOW 2011

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