Choosing the right amp to suit your sound is not as easy as it may seem. I myself am fortunate enough to have found DV Mark, an Italian company that produces amplifiers for guitars that reproduce the exact sound I want: my sound.

The amplifiers I use daily in my work are the Little Jazz and the Little Jazz12. They are two compios with the same electronics differing only in the number of cones which are 10 in the first case and 12 in the second. The little Jazz amplifier has a transparent, neutral sound. It doesn’t colour the sound of the guitar. It produces the sound exactly as it is. Also it is incredibly lightweight and is perfect for amplifying my 7 string Benedetto Fratello. The bass is not accentuated as in the majority of amplifiers for Archtops and the sound is never ” boxy “or  too “boomy” .I often use the 10 cone Little Jazz alongside an extra cabinet 1×12 or 2x 12.


This machine is much more than an amplifier, it is an amp simulator, a multi-effects with a 250 watt stereo finale per channel. It’s an incredibly powerful machine that produces, in just a few minutes, any guitar sound needed. I use it almost exclusively in the recording studio although I have also used it when playing live. With the multiamp I have numerous amplifiers and any effect for my guitar at my disposal at any,one time. It is a phenomenal working instrument.


DVMARK: Little 40 L34

The Little 40 L34 is a one-channel, 40W all-tube head.
The secret weapon of this versatile amplifier is the DV Mark patent pending Continuous Power Control (CPC) feature, which allows you to actually change the amp’s power incrementally, from the full 40W (class A/B) gradually all the way down to 1W (class A) in pentode mode, or 15W (class A/B) to 0.5W (class A) in triode mode. This means you can get the tone you want at the volume you need… making the amp perfect for both bedrooms and concert stages!

Depending on your gain level and CPC setting, you can use the Solo boost switch as a drive channel.

The Little 40 L34 automatically biases and matches the output tubes and thanks to the Service port can be connected to the optional DVM Controller interface, which displays many internal amp parameters such as voltages and tube life to help you maintain the amp to its full potential.

For many years I have used solid state amplifiers but sometimes I want something a bit more vintage. On these occasions I rely on the Little 40 valve amplifier that I have in a head and speaker configuration. I’m particularly impressed by the CPC circuit which allows the regulation of the current through the valves thus achieving “juicy” distortions even at controlled volumes.

The design of the Galileo 15C combo was conceived in response to the real needs of gigging guitarists. It was also inspired by the impact of the very first note of the Galileo 15 head’s UK debut, which drew a collective “WOW” from the crowd.

The combo has all the basic features of the Galileo 15 head, plus a high-quality analog Accutronics spring reverb and a built-in, foot-switchable DV Mark Tube Marker overdrive pedal. Voiced for sweet, vocal overdrive tones, the Tube Marker provides the ideal OD pedal circuitry to pair with the unmatched headroom (for a 15 watt amp) and tube-driven clean and OD tones of the Galileo.
It’s an addictive 15W class A, all-tube combo that with inspire you with its personality, and impress you with its incredible tone, versatility, feel and reliable performance. It’s the ideal amp for recording, rehearsing and club gigs!

DVMARK: C112 small

The C112 Small is the smallest and lightest Dv Mark guitar cabinet, and only weighs 6.9 kg / 15.21 lbs!
It gives you the portability of a 12″ cab, but with more tone, punch and volume than you’d ever expect from such a small unit.

The C112 Small has an open-back design and a single 12” B&C neodymium speaker, custom-made for DV Mark.
With 150W of power handling, the cab delivers huge, clear and responsive tone for any genre from jazz to rock and everything in between.

For guitarists who need a small, portable cab (or two for a stereo rig), the C112 Small is the perfect choice.



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